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Elizabeth P. Lord Residential Design LLC


Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling and designing can be stressful. Really stressful. Where do you start and who do you trust to complete the project on time and on budget? Get to know the process and set your expectations before you take the first step. 

Q: Where do I start?

A: First things first. How much help do you need? Whats is your scope of work? I have three design service levels to accommodate any size project or customer involvement. 

   - Color/Design Consultation:An hour consultation, consisting of helping your jump start your design scheme. Its a minimal investment, to gather ideas and           create the blueprint for getting your home exactly how you envisioned it. You will receive paint color guidance, furniture layout suggestions, accessorizing         and overall design advice. INVESTMENT: $165.00/hr. Color Consultation, Design Consultation 

   - Design Consulting: A multi-hourly agreement, that consists of any consulting you need regarding your design. Shopping trips, minimal CAD designing,        

     multiple room design guidance, honey-do list items. INVESTMENT: $155.00/hr for 5+ hr agreement. Furniture, Accessories, Fireplace Surrounds, Etc. 

   - Residential Design Agreement: I offer an initial complementary consultation for qualified projects, where we meet to discuss the project, determine scope      of work, meet face to face and determine if we would be a good fit moving forward working together. This meeting will not include major design ideas or          suggestions. After our meeting, I will provide a design proposal based on the scope of work, which will include an estimate of hours for each        

     phase. INVESTMENT: Hourly Rate, with estimate for total hours in proposal. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Whole House Remodels, Basements, Additional Rooms

Q: What do I need for our initial meeting for a kitchen/bath Residential Design Agreement?

A: Before we meet to discuss your project, there are a few items to address to make the most out of our initial time together. Pictures of rooms and design features that you like, and a realistic budget amount you feel comfortable investing in the new space. With my background and expertise in the design/construction industry, I can design any space to a budget, so being able to share that amount range will help with my design and my guidance. 

Q: What is your design process?

Q: How does your company work and charge clients?

A: We work on an hourly basis, to allow for our customers to control their investment. We bill after Phase I, and then every two weeks in Phase II. For projects outside of the 15 mile radius from Downtown Denver, a time/travel charge is applied to your invoice amount. 

Q: Do you have contractors you work with or can I provide my own?

A: With a background in residential design and construction and a masters degree in real estate and construction management, my education and expertise in the industry allows for a fluid transition between the design phase and the construction phase. I have contractors that I can refer to the project, but am happy to work with a contractor that you provide, and will work with them every step of the way. They will have my contact information if anything unexpected arises on the project, and we will work together to create the space of your dreams.

Q: Can I shop anywhere or do I have to use your showrooms and products?

A: You are not limited to using specific materials, vendors, or showrooms, but I do have existing relationships with vendors or showrooms that I prefer to use.